The ICT corporate space internationally is in the middle of a revolution.

There is an inexorable move away from legacy systems with their interminable requirements for software and hardware upgrades, and a concerted move into operating in the paradigm of software as a service. It is in this space that Govcon has positioned itself to be the natural ICT and project management partner for any corporate, institution or government ministry, department or agency that urgently needs to transition safely into this brave new world.

No corporate be held hostage to ceaseless requirements to upgrade its systems, or the fear of falling behind international best practice in ICT or, most importantly, the dread of compromising its IT security from having to merge and mesh disparate legacy systems to work together as a seamless whole to deliver value to internal stakeholders. Govcon liberate clients from this tyranny of obsolescence and opens doors to the opportunity of perpetual best practice in ICT operations.

Consequently, the Govcon Consulting Group offers a peerless range of products and services to blue chip financial and corporate corporate clients in ICT systems’ automation, integration and transformation as it is increasingly evident that this is the next frontier for reaping higher productivity, lowering costs and doing so in an enhanced security environment.


International Best Practice, Local Support

If there’s one thing that disturbs corporate peace and frustrates efficiency in the ICT space is untimely IT support wrought of awaiting the arrival of an expert overseas to attend to the problem.

Govcon believes that Kenya is now a mature ICT hub with the necessary depth of talent to attend to any contingency locally. Consequently, all its support is domiciled in Kenya, and in the unlikely event additional support is required from our partners, that must be rendered in a manner that never impinges on our service motto of “international best practice, local support” . It is a tenet of our third party agreements that Govcon has and/or develops all its technical support to be domiciled in Kenya. This way, service calls are highly responsive giving our clients the peace of mind that operations and the bottom line are not jeopardized.

One popular way of doing this is by permanently siting a Govcon team at the client’s premises.

Another of its comparative advantage is its emphasis on providing local product and service support irrespective of the products origin. In this it has embedded in all its agreements with third parties a clear understanding that client support must be domiciled in Kenya to enable rapid responses to client needs.



As the East Africa Regional Partner to Trustlink – the Africa-wide SWIFT Representative Govcon is superbly positioned to offer a very competitive SWIFT service offering to its EA clients.

SWIFT is the universally accepted mechanism for making international transfers, financial market transactions, RTGS payments and interbank payments. We also provide SWIFT solutions and professional services as well as a cost-effective SWIFT connectivity service enabling banks, financial institutions and corporates to enjoy a no-maintenance, hassle free, service access to SWIFT through a hosted service offering.

We also provide a comprehensive portfolio of SWIFT software products to subscribers on a shared licensing model. They then select the items that they wish to use from a menu of software products and services.  This is a very cost effective solution for providing reliable connectivity to the SWIFT network and services.


In the digital economy, more than a third of all business-critical processes involve file transfers. This reality presents an opportunity to transform MFT into a secure strategic asset that reduces costs and risk, improves efficiency and agility, and opens the door to new mobile, cloud and big data initiatives.

To capitalize on this opportunity, organizations need to align business requirements with file-flow definitions and establish a secured central MFT infrastructure for managing and securing the complete lifecycle for all file flows — across applications, with your partners and customers, to and from cloud and big data platforms, and between people using desktops and mobile devices.

Axway 5 SuiteTM for Managed file transfers (MFT) provides everything you need to align business requirements with file-flow definitions and establish a central infrastructure for managing and securing the complete lifecycle for all file flows — across applications, with your partners and customers, to and from cloud and big data platforms, and between people using desktops and mobile devices.

To help you balance MFT functionality with business impacts, Axway has developed four strategic approaches — 1) legacy replacement, 2) shared service, 3) digital MFT and 4) hybrid MFT – by addressing:

  • areas of risk due to security, scalability and reliability deficiencies, and
  • areas of opportunity to differentiate your business and accelerate its file transfer-dependent processes with the prospect of significant cost savings while simultaneously increasing productivity.

With these approaches, a business is made ready and adaptable for any MFT scenario and makes file transfer process a key strategic function in the business.


Axway AMPLIFY™ is a cloud-enabled data integration and engagement platform that empowers banks to create customer experience networks, where they join forces with their expanding digital ecosystems to co-create and co-innovate immersive, responsive and personalized digital services and experiences.

Axway AMPLIFY™ provides the app development, integration, API lifecycle management and analytics that banks need to better anticipate, adapt and scale to meet ever-changing customer expectations. They can:

  • Innovate quickly by creating digital “mash ups” of existing services (loan, policy proposal, payment, etc.)
  • Provide a seamless and secure customer experience across mobile, online, call center, ATM and in-branch interactions
  • Co-create and innovate with partners to aggregate digital services, open distribution channels or share information to accelerate digital innovation and create value for the bank’s entire ecosystem
  • Monetize data and monitor SLAs in real time using powerful analytics

KYRIBA – the World’s Most Popular Treasury Management System

Kyriba – the global leader in cloud treasury solutions offers and delivers treasury management systems using either the cloud or on-site. Used by over 1,300 corporate clients across the world, Kyriba delivers the full suite of treasury modules from cash management to hedge accounting. Our solution is categorized into five areas:

  • Cash & Liquidity,
  • Payments,
  • Supply Chain Finance,
  • Financial Transactions, and
  • Risk Management.

Kyriba’s deployment allows our clients to select only the modules they need to optimize their treasury operations.




Solid program and project management is critical to running successful projects or large scale programs (grouping of related projects). Improved project management on a project is a common suggestion when people complete projects. We can help clients get the project management working effectively right from Initiation to Hand-over.

The following are key services we can provide:

  • Dedicated program management – full-time resources to manage a client’s portfolio of projects.
  • Dedicated project management – full-time on-site resources to manage a client’s large projects or group of smaller projects.
  • Scaleable project management – part-time on-site resources to manage projects that don’t require a full-time engagement.
  • Remote project management – We are able to work from remote offices to deliver projects of any size. This service also works extremely well for virtual project teams (global)


The following are a few of the project support services we can provide:

  • Project Audits – assess a particular project to confirm probability of success.
  • Risk Assessments – review risks on higher risk projects, establish strategies for dealing with risks
  • External Risk Management – provide full risk management services outside of the immediate team (for very high risk projects)
  • Post Project Reviews – independent view of how projects did including assessment of business outcomes.
  • Project Management Mentoring / Coaching – work with a client’s developing project managers to enhance their abilities while increasing the probability of success on a project
  • Project Rescue Services – reviewing challenged projects and repositioning them by re-scoping, changing team members, re-positioning expected business outcomes or shutting them down


Effective and consistent project management practices are a key factor in the success of projects and therefore the success of the organization. Establishing a Project Management Office (PMO) enables a client to establish PM best practices and achieve consistency in the use of those practices on all projects.

Developing and implementation of a defined project methodology has resulted in major improvements for clients. All have seen improvements from the degree of consistency the methodology can create that equates in better overall management of projects and a better understanding of project status. With our methodology, clients will have substantially upgraded their ability to analyze multiple projects across their overall portfolio and realized significant economies-of-scale and economies-of-logic.

The following are examples of the PMO services we provide:

  • Project Management Maturity Assessment
  • PMO Review / Audit
  • PMO Strategy
  • PMO Governance
  • PMO Implementation / Transition
  • PMO Operation


We provide professional business analysis consulting based on the Industry Best Practices of the International Institute of Business Analysts’ (IIBA) Business Analysis Framework.

Our business analysts have industry experience in identifying business needs, analyzing requirements, and determining solutions in a wide variety of information technology areas. We use the information gathered for development, process improvement, organizational change; strategic planning and policy development. We work with the client to document the right requirements, reduce waste, create solutions, and improve efficiency.

We can assist the client with any of the following types of business analysis services:

  • Business Process Management;
  • Business Continuity Plan Development;
  • Data Migration;
  • Business Case Development;
  • Conducting feasibility studies;
  • Solution assessment and validation;
  • Requirements planning and management;
  • Organizational change planning and management; and
  • Risk planning and management.

GovCon also has the expertise to support our clients in monitoring and evaluation of:

  1. The mechanics and overall policy framework of budget processes and systems especially expenditure management and,
  2. Discrete PFM-related projects either existing or under implementation for efficiency, effectiveness and value for money.